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Leveling Up with 

Mary Howard

Certified Life & Love Coach

Meditation Guide | Psychology Educator

Empowering women to let go of what was, love what is

and create what's next!


Upon our first consultation, in her naturally calming demeanor, Mary provided me with a precise understanding of what to expect and an introduction to the language we’ll be using throughout the coaching experience. 
Mary HEARS and HONORS every word I say and provides tools and techniques I apply in day-to-day life. Notably, shifting negative self-talk and thoughts into fuel I use to progress and push forward in this life, in an impactful empowering manner.
At the end of our conversations, Mary always tells me “You’re the one doing the work” because what Mary does is gently steers me by providing actionable ways to navigate in the directions I need, to create the life I want.
Mary is an impeccable listener, in addition to her wisdom and guidance she recommends authors, mediations, and resources tailored to me based on our time together. I am so grateful for Mary and highly anticipate all of our conversations and weekly sessions!

Edgewater, NJ


Level Up Lifestyle, LLC


Certified Life Coaching

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