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Make the rest of your life,
the best of your life.

Coaching Sessions:  Coaching is an opportunity to gain new insight into your own experience.  A completely new life is available for you.

Often we continue to make decisions from a default setting using patterns we developed long before we knew any better.  Inside Coaching we discover what is most relevant for you and how tweaking some existing thoughts and beliefs will be of service to you now. 

We clear out blockages that are keeping you stuck and develop strategy for you to reach your desired outcomes.  Sessions may include but are not limited to: 

  • awareness

  • creating clarity around what you want

  • space to process emotion

  • strategy for goal setting and implementation

  • discovering your desires

  • minimizing people pleasing and perfectionism

  • setting boundaries

  • making decisions with clarity

  • developing the relationship with yourself

  • accountability  

Coaching Package:

6 months (24 sessions) 1:1 personalized 50 minute calls

*Client/Coach meet weekly at a mutually agreed upon time.  Contract allows for 4 reschedules based on client need.


 $3000 6 month package

*payment plans available

What's on your mind? 

Not sure if Coaching will help? 

Reach out and let's see where this goes.  

What's on your mind? 

This takes courage!  We know.  We promise to follow up within 48 hours.
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