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What you can expect...

This is a safe, supportive and confidential space for you to explore what is most important and relevant for you right now.  Each coaching session is a consistent and protected hour devoted to you. 
We connect at a time convenient for you by voice or video call (you decide).

Think of Coaching as a road trip with me as your co-pilot.  You always set the destination and I help guide you to it.  There may be obstacles along the way and you will learn how to navigate those in a way that is manageable for you.  My role is to always guide you to your destination successfully.

Coaching is different than therapy.  Therapy has more of an archeological feel - you are going down deep to dig up things from the past and how they impact your present.  Therapy is also part of a medical model that "treats" a condition or disorder.

Coaching is more of the architecture.  We build from a space that is already existing and ready for forward progress.  Coaching begins from the acknowledgement that you are whole, capable and complete exactly as you are.  You are not in need of fixing but more guidance and support to refine and relearn what is best for you now and in the future.

There is no right or wrong - it is simply where you feel will be more appropriate for you during this time.  Some people also choose to do both simultaneously

The decision is yours to make. 
You are the authority on you, Always.

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