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Welcome!  I am honored that you are here and so excited for you.  It takes courage to go on the journey of awareness and personal growth.  Celebrate your bravery for a moment - big hugs!    

Taking the journey home to ourselves is quite possibly the most courageous and difficult thing we can do. 

It is also the most empowering and rewarding relationship of them all.

I live this and so can you. 

A little about my story...

I am a recovering people pleasing, perfectionist, closet shopping, binge eating, excess drinking woman who decided to take ownership of my thoughts, actions and choices.

I have been both distracted and avoidant. 

I have been overweight, fit and back again for decades.  (I was in my first Weight Watchers meeting at 9.)
I experienced childhood with an "alcoholic" parent and was raised by a single Mom.

I have been married and divorced and everything in between. 

I have self-abandoned and strived for all of the external validation.

I have been challenged with the decision of motherhood.

I have struggled with finances drowning myself in credit card debt.

I have been employed and laid off and entrepreneur-ed!

I've learned a few things (quite a few things actually).  I have continued exposure to tools and resources that support consistent shifts (this is ongoing) and continue to build upon them.  I am here to share "all of the things" with you so you can create a nourishing and healthy relationship with the most important person that you will ever meet - YOU! 

I manage my mind and utilize my thoughts in support of my highest self.  You can too.

I learned to set goals and crush them with ease enjoying financial freedom and a thriving career.  

You can too!

I create relationships from abundance and love instead of fear and lack.  You can too.

I find peace from within through mindfulness and meditation.  You can too.

I treat my body with love and compassion and live at my natural body weight with ease.  

I stopped binge eating, sustain my natural weight (over 5 years) and enjoy my body.
I embrace all of my emotions and have learned to self-regulate through tapping, meditation and breath work.  You can too!

I create my own safety.

I am not here to fix you.  I am here to guide you back to your own inner guidance system.  You are already worthy and complete, I'm going to help you recognize that.  Now let's get to (the best and most valuable) work of getting you what you deserve.

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