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Welcome!  I am honored that you are here and excited for you.  It takes courage to go on a journey of awareness and personal growth.  Celebrate your bravery for a moment - big hugs!    

​Rebuilding the relationship with ourselves is quite possibly the most courageous and at times challenging thing we can do.  It is also the most empowering and rewarding relationship of them all.  I live this work too.  I like to think of it as an adventure and we are on the journey of a lifetime! 

 We all have a story.  Here is a little about mine.

I spent most of my life trying to heal my own heart and wondering why love didn't seem to be available for me.  

Years of therapy and a degree in Psychology, I hadn't found many solutions.🤓

Was I just not meant for love?💔

I have a compassionate heart, sometimes to a fault, and it lead me down a bunch of paths.

After a devastatingly embarrassing divorce, I had my 'dark night of the soul'.

...Actually it was after I got divorced and then found myself still dating the same type of men - that(!) was the true awakening.

I learned to bet on me.

To trust my intuition.

To rebuild my self-trust.

I realized I didn't need a man to be secure in myself.

At a certain point - you have to take a look at the common denominator.

Mirror, mirror... it was me.🪞

I discovered, my beautiful friends, that the problem was not anything outside of me... I had to go within.  The secret to finding true love - is BECOMING IT.

From there everything else flows.


I could literally cry writing this thinking of how liberating this discovery feels and how my life has since transformed.  As a result, the Level Up Lifestyle was born.  My purpose.  A movement whereby no woman ever feels alone in the journey of self-love and relationship.  

Would you like a safe space to talk about where you are, what you want and how to get there, let's talk.

I will help you see what is really possible for you in a complimentary clarity call

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