My name is Mary and I am ....

  • a daughter, sister, auntie and friend.

  • I am a leader, coach and powerful creator.

  • I have experienced a successful career, employment, unemployment and entrepreneurship!

  • I struggled with binge eating and weight management for decades fluctuating upwards of 30 pound swings. 

  • I experienced the death of my father by suicide at age 9.

  • I am a recovering perfectionist and people pleaser.

  • I have experienced marriage, step-motherhood and divorce. 

  • I enforce boundaries that protect my peace and fulfilling life balance.

  • I have released excess weight by learning to love and honor my body with compassion

  • I have chosen with confidence and purpose to be child-free

  • I have a consistent movement practice that supports my mental health and self-care routine. 

  • I choose to use nutrition to fuel my body for optimum performance with awareness and flexibility. 

  • I employ simple and sustainable mindfulness practices for self-regulation and stress management. 

  • I use thought management to push past self-limiting beliefs and get my desired outcomes from life.  

  • I create love and abundance in my life.

  • I am consistently evolving with grace.

  • I live with confidence by making decisions that support my values.

  • I create my reality to benefit the world.    


Welcome!  I am honored that you are here and so excited for you!  It takes courage to go on the journey of awareness and personal growth.  Celebrate your bravery for a moment - big hugs!    

Here is what we will do:  

Explore and expand your thoughts so they can work for you.

Manage your mind instead of letting it run wild.

Learn actionable daily strategies to regulate your body and mind.

Create a vision of what success looks like for you and develop steps to get there. 

Establish the beliefs necessary to create the results you desire in life. 

This is what we will NOT do:

Reinforce feelings of shame.

Guilt tripping...

Blame gaming...

Quick fixes...

Fad dieting...

Judgement.  You have had enough of all that.  

Do you strive for greatness but cannot get out of your own way?
Have you successfully
accomplished many of your goals? 
Do you still feel


Are you seeking clarity

Are you confused not sure of what you really want or how to get there? 

Are you looking to set higher and clearer goals?  

Are you exhausted ending each day feeling as though you have used every last drop?  

Do you feel consistent anxiety pressure? 

Do you find yourself seeking external validation to feel good enough?

Do you feel alone even when surrounded by others? 

Do you suffer with body image and insecurity?

Do you lie awake at night considering every last detail or decision that you could have made differently? 

In your quest to have it all ...have you put your true desires last?  

I understand and empathize with all of those experiences because I have lived them too....we have some things in common. 

I am a recovering people pleasing, perfectionist, closet shopping, binge eating, excess drinking woman who decided to take ownership of my thoughts, actions and choices. I have been both distracted and avoidant

I have been over healthy weight to fit and back again (for decades) literally I was in my first Weight Watchers meeting at 9.

I experienced childhood with an "alcoholic" parent and raised by a single Mom.

I have been married and divorced and everything in between. 

I have been challenged with the decision of motherhood.

I have struggled with finances drowning myself in credit card debt.

I have been employed and laid off and entrepreneur-ed!

I've learned a few things (quite a few things actually).  I have continued exposure to tools and resources that support consistent shifts (this is ongoing) and continue to build upon them.  I am here to share "all of the things" with you so you can create a nourishing and healthy relationship with the most important person that you will ever meet - YOU! 

I learned to treat my body with love and compassion and live at my natural body weight with ease.  You can too.

I learned to manage my mind so my thoughts support my highest self.  You can too.

I learned to set goals and crush them with ease.  You can too.

I learned to live with abundance and love instead of fear and lack.  You can too.

I learned to find peace from within through mindfulness and meditation.  You can too.

I learned to embrace all of my emotions and allow my body to heal through tapping and breath work.  You can too.